Video of a cervical microdiscectomy with the insertion of a mobile prosthesis


Cervical microdiscectomy

Cervical microdiscectomy

Soft disc herniation C5-C6


This video shows the main steps of an anterior cervical microdiscectomy performed through a horizontal neck incision, in a patient suffering from a soft disc herniation C5-C6. At the end of the procedure a disc prosthesis is inserted, to restore and maintain the motion of the treated vertebral segment. This treatment is recommended in patients with symptoms resistant to conservative treatment (Schanz collar, physical, and pharmacological therapy) for at least 2 months. The insertion of the movable prosthesis is especially indicated in patients under 50 years old with soft disc herniation, non-traumatic, resulting in radicular symptoms (pain and eventual loss of strength in an upper limb). In other cases, in place of the movable prosthesis it is preferred to insert a “cage” of synthetic material (carbon fiber, PEEK, etc.) or a bone dowel which has the aim to lead to fusion between the two vertebral bodies.


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