clinical consultations and surgery in Rome

Contacts for clinical consultations and surgery in Rome

1. Travel and accommodation in Rome

Foreign citizens interested in a clinical consultation and in a possible neuro surgical procedure from the staff of the Microneurosurgical International Group may receive information on travel and accommodation in Rome by contacting:

Mr. Fabrizio Lucarini
Phone: +39 068887828
cell phone: +393921915606

Accommodation is intended for family members during the hospitalization of the patient and also for the patient after discharge from the clinic, waiting to return to their country.

2. Clinical investigations. Neurosurgical procedures

For a possible hospitalization for further clinical investigations and / or neurosurgical procedures by the Group MIG-Rome the Hospital of reference is the Quisisana Clinic, Via Gian Giacomo Porro 5, Rome (

All foreign citizens who need more information on surgical procedures and their costs can send an email to:

3. Language

The contacts should preferably be in English, even if special conditions will be available interpreters of the main languages.