Surgical total removal of vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma) through a “key-hole” retro-sigmoid approach, preserving the hearing is possible today in more than 2/3 of cases with a socially useful function. In order to obtain this result we must not wait that tumor continue to grow and damage the coclea nerve or make very difficult to save the nerve it if the hearing is still useful.
To make sure that the neurosurgeon is able to save your hearing, it is advisable to remove the tumor it exceeds 2 cm in diameter, otherwise it will be very difficult to have an acceptable postoperative hearing function.
About 66,6% of patients operated by our group with preoperative and postoperative socially useful hearing had a neuroma with an average maximum diameter of about 1,9 cm.
Our attention to this problem led us to develop a modern technique of intraoperative monitoring with auditory evoked potential of new generation (CE-Chirp) that makes easier to control cochlear nerve during surgery, allowing to preserve a preoperative useful hearing in many patients.
Today, surgery can give you a definitive solution to acoustic neuroma: we can cure it. In many cases maintaining a socially useful hearing.
If you value your hearing, please, don’t wait for the neuroma destroy it.

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Luciano Mastronardi – Roma